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Community Benefit

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Community Benefit

At The Residence at Lopo our mission of providing compassionate care extends beyond our residence. As a way to extend the mission into the greater community, The Residence at Lopo participates in programs and activities that improve the environment and the conditions in which people live and work.

The spirit behind this Community Benefit program is one and the same with our mission to deliver care with quality, compassion and vision. Residents and staff participate in programs such as serving lunches to the homeless, volunteering during community days, and reaching out through programs and activities open to the public.

Environmental Stewardship

The Residence at Lopo residences are committed to environmental stewardship. The Residence at Lopo residence has eliminated mercury in the workplace, reduced disposable waste, implemented measures to save power and water, and use materials that meet ‘green’ criteria.

These actions including participation in Community Benefit Program demonstrate the commitment we bring toward preserving the environment and providing a safer, healthier community for residents.

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